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Chinese Ambassador Hu Shan Presents Donation to Hurricane-hit Crooked Island High School

On December 12, 2011, Chinese Ambassador Hu Shan, in the company of Counsellor Zhai Xingfu and Attache Yang Guang, presented a check of 10,000 US dollars to the Bahamian Education Minister Bannister in the Bahamian Ministry of Education for the rebuilding of Crooked Island High School, which was seriously damaged by Hurricane Irene in August this year. The check will be given to the school through the Bahamian National Emergency Manament Agency (NEMA) later on. Mrs Garraway, Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Education, representative from NEMA, Principal and two students from the school attended the ceremony.

The Ambassador gave a short speech at the ceremony on the importance of education for a nation’s long-term mission and was interviewed by local media. The full text of the Ambassador's speech is as follows.

Education Is of Fundamental Importance to the Fulfillment of a Nation's Long-Range Mission

--Remarks by H.E. Hu Shan

Last August, The Bahamas was struck heavily by Hurricane "Irene". which the Chinese government and people feel as if it were our own experience. Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao at the first time sent a letter of sympathy to the Rt Hon. Prime Minister Ingraham and shortly after the Chinese government granted 300,000 US dollars in cash to the Bahamian government to assist it with its relief efforts. As Chinese Ambassador to The Bahamas,when I learned from Education Minister Bannister and Permanent Secretary Mrs. Garraway that your school was seriously hit by the hurricane, I decided to provide the school with 10,000 US dollars as a token of regard of the Chinese Embassy and also an expression of our esteem to education. It is for this reason that I am here now.

Like The Bahamas, China attaches great importance to education, which reflected by a popular saying in China, which reads literally "In a hundred-year strategy, education is the base", and the deep meaning is that education is of fundamental importance to the fulfillment of a nation's long-range mission. The Chinese government lists education as an important part in its successive five-year economic and social development plans.

China deems education as the cornerstone of national development. Nowadays, international competition in economy and science is actually the competitions of intelligence and talents. In a sense, the future of a country and a nation is determined by education, which is the fundamental cause of a nation.

Education has a vital bearing on the prosperity of a nation, the well-being of the people and future of country. Only by improving the overall qualities and scientific and cultural level of the nation as a whole can a nation gain more leverage in fierce international competitions.

Education affects all households and is crucial to the vital interests of the people of a country. It is closely linked to people's daily life and also bears on the future generations. It has become the first life-demand to receive better education, and also a life-long treasure. Sometimes it even determines the destiny of one's whole life.

The Chinese government is always willing to share its experience and achievements in education with the Bahamian government, and is fully supportive of friendly exchanges between schools of both countries and even establishing ties of sister schools. The Chinese embassy in The Bahamas is glad to play an active role in the educational cooperation of the two countries.

To conclude, I wish all teachers and students of the Crooked High School to work hard, study well, live happily and keep fit.

Thank you!

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