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Ambassador Hu Shan meets with President Boze of the College of The Bahamas

    On August 17, 2011, Chinese Ambassador Hu Shan met with Mrs. Boze, President of the College of The Bahamas at his residence. Counsellor Zhai Xingfu, First Secretary Li Yijian, Third Secretary Hong Yanming of the Chinese Embassy and Ms Gao Hui, Chinese teacher of the Confucius Classroom of the College of The Bahamas were present at the meeting.



    Ambassador Hu said China and The Bahamas have maintained good development momentum of bilateral relations in recent years. The bilateral exchange and cooperation in the fields of education, culture have become increasingly closer, foreseeing a bright future ahead. With the strong support of the College of The Bahamas, the Confucius Classroom has achieved good results through Chinese language courses at various levels as well as activities of all sorts since its formal inauguration in October 2010. The Chinese Embassy in The Bahamas stands ready to work together with the College of The Bahamas to make the Confucius Classroom better and better.

    President Boze echoed the Ambassador, saying that more and more Bahamians wish to learn the Chinese language and to acquaint themselves with China. The Bahamian government also expects the Confucius Classroom of the College of The Bahamas can bring up a number of Bahamians with a good mastery of the Chinese language. She said she herself and the College of The Bahamas under her leadership are very supportive of the Confucius Classroom, and are willing to provide necessary facilities and assistance to expedite the upgrading process of the Classroom to a Confucius Institute.

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